Nuestra práctica inmobiliaria da cobertura a las necesidades de asesoramiento de nuestros clientes en materia de derecho inmobiliario y/o con un componente de derecho administrativo de urbanismo.

Nuestro equipo cuenta con una amplia experiencia en el asesoramiento a todo tipo de inversores, promotoras y financiadores del sector, a los que asesoramos en todo tipo de inversiones y promociones en España y en el extranjero, así como en la financiación de numerosos proyectos inmobiliarios en todas las áreas del mercado inmobiliario (centros comerciales, hoteles, hospitales, gimnasios, universidades, etc).

Asimismo, nuestro equipo desarrolla su actuación profesional en materia de derecho inmobiliario y urbanismo interviniendo en operaciones de compraventa, sale and lease-back de activos inmobiliarios, recalificación y urbanización de suelo, contratos de construcción y de servicios de arquitectura y project management y realizando due diligence legales inmobiliarias para empresas promotoras e inversores inmobiliarios.

Además, un gran número de los asuntos de nuestro Departamento Inmobiliario tienen un fuerte componente de fusiones y adquisiciones, lo que nos permite ofrecer a nuestros clientes en este área un asesoramiento global con un alto valor añadido y un claro enfoque de negocio.

Finalmente, tenemos una dilatada experiencia en el asesoramiento inmobiliario en situaciones “distressed”, incluyendo la adquisición de activos en el seno de procesos concursales y la adquisición de carteras de inmuebles sujetos a descuento.


«Araoz & Rueda stands out in their closeness to the client and their flexibility in adapting to the client’s needs»

– Chambers Europe Guide –

«Outstanding competencies in real estate and a relentless commitment to providing high quality advice and guidance»

– The EMEA Legal 500 –


Servicios específicos

  • Operaciones de compraventa.
  • Sale and lease-back de activos inmobiliarios.
  • Recalificación y urbanización de suelo.
  • Project management.
  • Due diligence inmobiliarias.

Socios de contacto


  • Asesoramiento al principal grupo asegurador portugués en la adquisición de i) el Parque Empresarial Trianon, con más de 18.000 metros cuadrados y situado en Hortaleza, una ubicación de alto nivel en Madrid; y ii) el Edificio Orion, centro de oficinas situado en Manoteras, un foco especial de instalación de espacios de oficinas ubicado en el norte de Madrid.
  • Asesoramiento al grupo líder de inversión, desarrollo y gestión inmobiliaria de Hungría en la adquisición de tres hoteles de 4 estrellas situados en la costa andaluza de España, propiedad de la Mutualidad de la Abogacía, entidad de seguros y pensiones específica para los abogados españoles.
  • Asesoramiento a un grupo inversor belga en la adquisición para su rehabilitación como ubicación de apartamentos de lujo de un edificio residencial situado en Velázquez, 70, en el exclusivo barrio de Salamanca, una de las zonas más lujosas y de Madrid y centro de la actividad comercial y de negocios.
  • Asesoramiento a una Socimi que forma parte de uno de los principales grupos inmobiliarios españoles, en la adquisición de una parcela situada en el "Parque Empresarial de la Carpetania" (uno de los puntos calientes del tráfico logístico en Madrid) para el desarrollo de una nave logística.


Chambers Europe Guide 2023

Araoz & Rueda’s real estate department both supports the corporate team in M&A transactions and handles standalone real estate mandates, including also a planning perspective. It has experience in the drafting of works contracts for the construction of new office buildings. The team is also active in sale and lease and turn-key agreements in the industrial sector.
«Araoz & Rueda stands out in their closeness to the client and their flexibility in adapting to the client’s needs.»
«They are careful about how to convey a message in negotiations; in this sense they are very good at negotiations.»

Chambers Europe Guide 2023

Jesús Conde leads the firm’s real estate department. He is active in different real estate transactions, including the acquisition of residential buildings by investors, hotels and plots for logistics developments.
«Jesús Conde solves any issue effectively and efficiently, proposing new ideas to the parties.»


The EMEA Legal 500 2023

The department at Araoz & Rueda is proficient in urban planning transactions, and has been particularly active in the acquisition and sale of high-end residential assets, sale and leaseback structures, as well as logistics deals. The practice has also been frequently engaged in growing sectors such as student accommodation, hotels and office facilities. Jesus Conde oversees the practice and is knowledgeable in restructuring projects, and real estate administrative, civil, commercial and planning mandates.


‘In-depth knowledge of the real estate market, the way companies work and business requirements. A high-performance team with capabilities to cover multiple issues with a personalised approach.’

‘Very attentive to the needs of the client and the project. They are flexible to different points of view as long as it is convenient for the project.’

‘Absolute availability and attentive to matters of an urgent nature.’

‘The firm has experts with the ability to handle a wide variety of requests. Great availability and commitment to our times and business needs. Jesús Conde is an excellent professional who brings high added value to the collaboration.’

‘The real estate and construction team dives directly into the client’s position and defends their interests as a true in-house lawyer. It is a fresh team whose availability towards the client and involvement is outstanding.’

‘Dedication to the client’s needs – constant availability and very quick response times, outstanding competencies in real estate, and a relentless commitment to providing high quality advice and guidance.’

‘What makes this practice unique is the personalised attention, fluency in communication, and the management of a multidisciplinary group.’

‘Jesus Conde has been the image of this office. Knowledge of the subject, management of all legal tools, speed in solving problems and warmth in the treatment make the difference.’

Chambers Europe Guide 2022

Araoz & Rueda’s real estate department both supports the corporate team in M&A transactions and handles standalone real estate mandates. It has experience in the negotiation of property management agreements between investors and local real estate managers. It negotiates lease agreements on behalf of corporate tenants, and it has experience in the drafting of works contracts for the construction of new office buildings. Strengths: One client praises the lawyers’ «efficiency and know-how,» while another states: «They always keep us informed.» «They are diligent and are always able to adapt to different situations,» reports a third interviewee. Work highlights: Acted for Aparto on its agreement with Commerz Real to provide property management services for the latter’s new student accommodation complex in Barcelona. Notable practitioners: Jesús Conde leads the firm’s real estate department. Sources say that «he makes negotiations simple because he creates a good atmosphere with the counterparties.» «He is diligent and extremely focused on the outcome, which gives us a lot of confidence,» says another interviewee.


The EMEA Legal 500 2022

Founded in 1994, Madrid firm Araoz & Rueda advises major fashion labels, energy providers, multinational property investment and asset management companies, among others. The group is led by Jesus Conde, who specialises in transaction negotiation and execution, restructuring, sale and leaseback transactions, retail leases and due diligence processes. In addition, the team also assists providers of student housing. Testimonials ‘Knowledgeable team of professionals. Available on short notice.’ ‘Professional, friendly, competent, well-informed.’

chambers partners

Chambers Europe Guide 2021

Jesús Conde advises on restructuring matters, along with planning and administrative issues. One interviewee regards Conde as «a reliable and decisive lawyer, who perfectly handles issues and provides viable solutions.»


The EMEA Legal 500 2021

The ‘professional, available, comprehensive’ real estate team at Araoz & Rueda provides clients with ‘excellent advice and knowledge of the subject’. The practice specializes in matters with an urban planning component, particularly in the acquisition and sale of secured NPLs, high-end residential assets and sale and leaseback structures. The firm is also increasing its activity in the hospitality, student ac-commodation, senior living and co-working sectors, as well as advising on the real estate side of solar energy projects. Jesús Conde leads the team and handles the restructuring, negotiation and execution of international real estate transactions. Testimonials: “The firm is quick to respond. Their suggestions are very rational and to the point, which in turn significantly lowers the risk of failing to reach consensus in a business negotiation. In addition to having a very good understanding of local law, they also have a great sense of what to expect from counterparties leading to swift and practical solutions” “It is a team of great professionals, attentive, listening to all our doubts and questions, proactive” “Professional, available, attentive, comprehensive and understandable” “Very favorable, excellent advice, efficiency and knowledge of the subject” “Honesty, capacity, efficiency and human quality” “They all speak perfect English. Their availability. Their human approach, you never feel like a number”

chambers partners

Chambers Europe Guide 2020

Jesús Conde of Araoz & Rueda receives recognition in the market, with one client stating: «He helps to narrow the issues, putting himself in the counterparty’s shoes and pre-empting issues, finding alternative solutions.» He regularly advises on restructuring matters, as well as planning and administrative issues.


The EMEA Legal 500 2020

Araoz & Rueda specialises in matters with an urban planning component, particularly in the acquisition and sale of REOs and asset portfolios. The firm has experience advising investors, developers and financiers on a range of real estate matters in Spain and abroad. Practice head Jesús Conde is known for his expertise in the restructuring, negotiation and execution of international real estate transactions, as well as planning and administrative issues. Testimonials: “Jesus Conde is always available and always delivers on time despite tight schedules, with a very practical and useful approach that takes into account the other party’s potential point of view” “Strong expertise in real estate and administrative law in both the senior and junior ranks” “The analytical approach, availability, and long-lasting engagement of the Araoz team is superb” “A detailed, analytical approach and a powerful strategic vision”’ “They have raised topics in a timely manner and driven conversations and SPA drafts to limit our liability as the seller” “They have done an excellent job”

chambers partners

Chambers Europe Guide 2019

Jesús Conde of Araoz & Rueda frequently represents Spanish and international investors and asset managers in transactional real estate mandates. He also assists retail clients with complex lease negotiations. » He’s a very commercially minded lawyer who gives good support to our business», says one source.


The EMEA Legal 500 2019

Practice head Jesús Conde is the key name to note. Clients include Kefren Capital and Spotify Spain.

chambers partners

Chambers Europe Guide 2018

Sources say that Jesús Conde of Araoz & Rueda has a «high level of understanding of the problems that can arise on a deal» and offers «professionalism and kindness in equal parts.» He has a broad real estate practice that includes the negotiation of lease agreements and construction contracts. He advised Etro on its leasing of store premises in Barcelona-based La Roca Village.

The EMEA Legal 500 2018

Araoz & Rueda’s practice was strengthened by the hire of Jesús Conde from Baker McKenzie. Clients include Kefren Capital, Osborne Group, Moraval Group and Spotify Spain.

chambers partners

Chambers Europe Guide 2017

Jesús Conde recently joined Araoz & Rueda. His practice includes advising on transactional instructions as well as mandates concerning the outsourcing of real estate management. Interviewees recommend him because “he is diligent and he knows what he is doing”.

chambers partners

Chambers Europe Guide 2016

Jesús Conde is a new addition to the Araoz & Rueda team. He focuses on real estate acquisitions, office and retail complex leases, and sale and leasebacks. Clients describe him as «friendly and understanding» «professional and quick» and «there for his clients 24/7 if need be.»


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