What do we offer?

A very close and enthusiastic team”

You will be joining a prestigious and growing law firm.

Development of a professional career amongst lawyers with solid training, national and international experience and reputation in their areas of practice.

International exposure. Our portfolio includes a large number of international law firms and companies.

Continuing education by means of internal seminars, legal English classes and attendance to courses given by other education centres and institutions.

Active and direct participation in matters and with clients from the first day.

Above all, we are normal people. The working environment is friendly and dynamic, characterised for a lively and open culture, a great team spirit and companionship in which your efforts will be rewarded and recognised.

Competitive remuneration.

Internal development

To become a partner is the goal of any lawyer. At our law firm this is possible. The future of our firm is directly linked to the rising career of our lawyers. Therefore we have established a professional career which is, generally, composed of the following stages:

Junior – From scratch up to completion of the third year.

Mid-Level – From the fourth year up to completion of the sixth.

Senior – From the seventh year and lasting for about three/four years.

Access to partnership.

Each year and stage implies a certain “level” of ability/experience. The natural development of each cycle is year by year, although obviously when a lawyer is placed in a certain cycle/year due to his/her background and the like, he/she may “jump” later a year if he/she shows a greater work capability/development.

To these effects, “development” is measured by means of technical abilities, integration and increasing capacity to personally manage matters, clients and teams with more independence. We evaluate the performance of our lawyers on an annual basis, taking into account the development expected for the next year.

When it comes to access to partnership, we value not only technical abilities, integration/dedication (which we assume by that time have been already fully acquired and demonstrated) but additional values, such as commercial capacity, professional leadership and personal affinity with the rest of the partners.


Being aware of the need of our lawyers’ continued professional development, we have created an internal training programme aimed to contribute to the full development of their professional careers. Eminently practical and always based on the extensive experience of our partners in their respective areas of expertise, these courses are complemented by weekly legal English classes.

Furthermore, each lawyer also has at his/her disposal an annual budget for external education which may be allocated to courses, seminars and conferences given by other educational centres and institutions.

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Financiación de terceros y asignación de costas en arbitraje: ¿qué puedo recuperar y qué no?

April 2, 2019

Organises: CEA-40 (Spanish Arbitration Club)
Lecturer: Ángel S. Freire

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III Arbitraje Internacional, Perspectivas Actuales

January 24-25, 2019

Organises: Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)
Lecturer: Ainhoa Veiga (Ángel S. Freire member of the organizing committee)

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2018 UIA Congress

October 30 - November 3, 2018 (Oporto)

Organises: Union Internationales des Avocats
Lecturer: Ángel S. Freire

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