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“The client always comes first

We are not (nor do we pretend to be) the largest law firm measured by the number of lawyers or offices. Our goal is pretty different: we want to be the firm of choice for clients with the most challenging and significant legal issues and transactions.


Since our creation in 1994, we provide, in a national and international scope, specialized and high-quality legal services with total dedication and orientation to our clients and their businesses.

It is clear to us that each client is an opportunity to show what we are made of and to gain their confidence. Since client satisfaction is our main objective, each and every client is treated as if they were the only one. We dedicate time and special effort to each of them in order to adjust and anticipate their needs, committing to optimize their interests and help them to achieve their business goals. That is the way we build a solid and long-term relationship.

The high level of partner involvement in all transactions and matters and the direct and personalized contact that this produces, allows us to ensure the excellence of our services. Our commitment is to a clear client-oriented approach and a consistent high quality in our services, without “peaks and valleys”. That is the reason we focus exclusively on those areas of practice in which we create value. We are passionate about our work…and it shows!

We treat each and every client as if we had no other

Our History

Founded in 1994 by Alejandro Fernández de Araoz and Pedro Rueda, Araoz & Rueda, currently at Paseo de la Castellana 164, is a leading Spanish independent firm with broad-based corporate and commercial practice and particular expertise and market recognition in M&A and Private Equity.

Our firm had its first corporate domicile at Paseo de la Castellana, 53, where we stayed until 1996, year in which we moved to bigger offices at Paseo de la Castellana, 15.

Coinciding with the sixth anniversary of our foundation, on January 24, 2000, we expanded our offices at Paseo de la Castellana, 15 joining them to an adjacent office at Fernando el Santo, 25.

Our firm kept on growing, which implied that our offices at Paseo de la Castellana and Fernando el Santo, 25 were again too small. Thus, on November 29, 2002, we moved again to our current offices at Paseo de la Castellana, 164.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank those who, since the foundation of this firm, have collaborated and/or keep on collaborating with their work, effort, dedication and illusion to make of Araoz & Rueda a firm with a well-known prestige and reputation within the legal sector. Especially, we would like to thank to the lawyers who, with their energetic youth, have been giving us renewed strengths every day. Without you, it would have been impossible to make this project come true. We would like to also thank the silent and never enough appreciated work of our secretaries and receptionists: thank you for your contribution and your patience when bearing us. Finally, our gratitude to the responsible people in the accounting, administration, library and documentation, knowledge management (KM) and marketing departments for their interest and efforts in contributing to the success of our firm.

The current partners joined the firm as follows:

1998, Ainhoa Veiga
(promoted to partner in 2005)

2000, Francisco Solchaga
(promoted to partner in 2007)

2001, Eduardo de León
(promoted to partner in 2013)

2011, Laura Vintanel
(promoted to partner in 2020)

2011, Clara Mañoso
(promoted to partner in 2021)

2013, Guillermo Bueno
(promoted to partner in 2021)

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Seminario sobre Perspectivas en el Arbitraje Internacional

May 2022

Organises: Union International des Avocats
Lecturer: Ángel S. Freire

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Webinar – Competition and State of Alarm

April 24, 2020

Organises: Asociación Española para la Defensa de la Competencia (AEDC)
Lecturer: Ainhoa Veiga

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Jornada LegalTech

February 25, 2020

Organises: IEB
Lecturer: Ainhoa Veiga

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