The energy sector has been one of the most active and attractive in Spain in recent years. However, it has entered into crisis due to a complicated cocktail: (i) the impact of the war in Ukraine; (ii) the rise in inflation; (iii) the increase of the costs of financing projects; (iv) the rise in energy […]

Urgent energy measures in response to the conflict in Ukraine: keys to RDL 6/2022

Measures in the field of energy introduced by Royal Decree-Law 6/2022 of 29 march adopting urgent measures within the framework of the national response plan to the economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine (“RDL 6/2022”). 📄 Download PDF Francisco Solchaga | Partner Laura Vintanel | Partner

New Spanish remuneration framework for renewable

Renewable has been the star sector in the Spanish energy market during the last years. The country weather conditions, the existence of a relevant experienced industry, the availability of financing, the support of the public administration and the recent policies have resulted in a very successful cocktail, permitting a significant development of renewable technologies making […]