«Commercial approach, balancing the legal defence of the project with the efficient closure of the operation«

– Chambers Europe Guide 2021 –

«Great agility and availability, as well as market knowledge and ability to manage agreements«

– The EMEA Legal 500 2021 –

«360-degree understanding of the matters and commercial approach to the negotiations, going beyond the pure legal and technical aspects of the discussion«

– The EMEA Legal 500 2020 –

Contamos con un equipo de abogados altamente especializado y multidisciplinar con sólidos conocimientos en el sector de la energía, particularmente, en relación con proyectos de energías renovables.

Somos capaces de prestar a nuestros clientes un asesoramiento jurídico integral, aportando soluciones prácticas en todos los aspectos legales que puedan surgir durante la vida de un proyecto energético combinando los temas regulatorios, contractuales, inmobiliarios, societarios o financieros de manera global. Nuestro asesoramiento especializado incluye:

  • Procesos de adquisición y venta de proyectos de renovables (en cualquier fase de desarrollo o en operación) o sociedades del sector energético (tanto operadores, como ingenierías especializadas, promotores, comercializadoras, etc.), incluyendo la realización de auditorías, tanto para clientes como para entidades financieras.
  • Negociación de contratos en las distintas fases de promoción, construcción, puesta en marcha y operación de instalaciones de un proyecto energético, incluyendo:
    • Construcción llave en mano.
    • Operación y Mantenimiento (O&M).
    • Gestión de activos.
    • Servicios de desarrollo de proyectos.
    • Compraventa de energía.
    • Contratos de terrenos en sus distintas opciones (arrendamiento, derecho de superficie, concesiones administrativas, servidumbres, etc.).
    • Acuerdos de comunidades de bienes y Agrupaciones de Interés Económico así como constitución de sociedades limitadas en relación con la cotitularidad de todo tipo de infraestructuras comunes de evacuación.
  • Operaciones de financiación y refinanciación, incluida la modalidad project finance. 
  • Cuestiones regulatorias y de tramitación administrativa de proyectos, tanto a nivel autonómico como a nivel municipal o sectorial.
  • Operaciones de joint venture o colaboración dentro del sector energético.
  • Conflictos de acceso ante la CNMV, disputas de conexión ante órganos autonómicos, litigios y arbitraje, etc.

Asimismo, contamos con una amplia experiencia internacional, acompañando a nuestros clientes en sus proyectos en países como Italia, Francia, México,  Estados Unidos o Canadá.



The EMEA Legal 500 2022 – Energía

Praised for its ‘absolute knowledge of the sector and its players’, Araoz & Rueda has particular expertise in the promotion, construction, financing, start-up and operation of renewable energy projects, mainly photovoltaic plants. The team is co-headed by the ‘outstanding’ Laura Vintanel, and Francisco Solchaga, who according to a client ‘is a perfect expert in the energy regulatory framework’ and experienced in the development of renewable energy projects. Testimonials ‘Extensive knowledge of local legislation and great experience in the operations that we currently carry out in Spain. This facilitates transactions by knowing what the market standard is and the best way to proceed in practice.’ ‘I’d highlight its extensive experience and knowledge of renewable operations.’ ‘Experience in the sector. Its flexibility in dealing with the client is also a strong point. Special mention to Francisco Solchaga.’ ‘The Araoz & Rueda team is united, with a high degree of understanding and, as a strong point, the absolute knowledge of the sector and its players.’ ‘Laura Vintanel, outstanding for knowledge of the energy sector, involvement, service and knowledge of competition lawyers. Francisco Solchaga, outstanding for knowledge, service and experience with competition lawyers.’ ‘Francisco Solchaga is a perfect expert in the energy regulatory framework and has extensive experience in dealing with all issues related to the development of renewable energy projects.’ ‘Lots of experience in the sector combined with an exceptional personal treatment.’ ‘Alejandro Araoz, Francisco Solchaga and Laura Vintanel are the people with whom we have dealt the most. Each has proven to be a 10 in their area and together they are the best team I have ever met.’

The EMEA Legal 500 2022
Chambers Europe Guide 2022 – Energía

Noted by sources for being "very hard-working and committed to clients," Francisco Solchaga of Araoz & Rueda is instructed by investment funds, renewable energy providers and multinational oil and gas companies to advise on domestic and international transactions. Interviewees say that "he has an unsurpassed resolution capacity and strategic approach."

Chambers Europe Guide 2022
The EMEA Legal 500 2021 – Energy

Araoz & Rueda is highlighted for its 'great agility and availability, as well as market knowledge and abil-ity to manage agreements'. The experienced team is led by Francisco Solchaga and acts for promoters, contractors, banks, buyers and sellers, and has recently worked with a range of new and longstanding clients on project acquisitions and financing. Laura Vintanel was promoted to partner in 2020 and is a key member of the team. Testimonials: “Their knowledge of the client’s needs and their predisposition in the search for adapted solutions” “Paco Solchaga’s versatility makes him stand out from the rest of his competitors” “I appreciate their great availability and commitment” “Araoz & Rueda has a magnificent team that, compared to other firms with which I have worked, has great agility and availability, as well as market knowledge and the ability to manage agreements” “Francisco Solchaga is a reference in the market, and a professional of recognized prestige among Spanish companies that are in the energy sector. We all highlight their knowledge of the market, accessibility and availability, and ability to negotiate and manage agreements” “They need to know very well the steps to take in everything that surrounds renewable infrastructures, especially wind and solar. To be able to advise a client in this area, it is necessary to have a very specialized knowledge since there are many factors that come into play, from the development phase, construction and operation of the facilities” “The plus they have is that they are very involved in the energy sector and more specifically in renewable energies. They have highly specialized professionals with extensive experience in the sector, especially Francisco Solchaga”

The EMEA Legal 500 2021
Chambers Europe Guide 2021 – Energy & Natural Resources

Francisco Solchaga López de Silanes breaks into the rankings due to his activity on transactional mandates for international investment funds and domestic promoters. Clients are quick to highlight Solchaga's "commercial approach, balancing the legal defence of the project with the efficient closure of the operation."

Chambers Europe Guide 2021
The EMEA Legal 500 2020 – Energía

The ‘very commercial’ Araoz & Rueda is ‘highly skilled in energy projects' and ‘able to grasp the important aspects of the deal’. The firm has particular expertise in the promotion, construction, financing, start-up and operation of renewable energy projects, especially photovoltaic plants. The ‘exceptional’ Francisco Solchaga leads the practice and has a ‘good commercial understanding of the business that allows him to provide good legal technical solutions’. Testimonials: “Francisco Solchaga is very approachable. He has a deep understanding of the latest developments in the sector as he works with the main players” “They work very closely with the client and ensure a good understanding of the legal questions” “A&R manages to keep an excellent relationship with other counterparties involved in the transaction” “An in-depth knowledge of the legal questions and able to bring about innovative solutions adapted to the needs of the company” “They are able to suggest several solutions and alternatives in a very short period of time, adapting the legal advice to the rhythm of the client company” “Deep knowledge of energy law in Spain, especially in relation to renewable energy” “Reputed law firm well known by all key players in the sector, such as developers, utilities, banks and so on” “As this law firm’s strengths I would highlight their global, 360-degree understanding of the matters assigned to them, and their commercial approach to the negotiations, going beyond the pure legal and technical aspects of the discussion” “Francisco Solchaga is on top of all the aspects of the transaction. He is very good at channeling and coordinating the different parts of the law firm working on a specific matter”

The EMEA Legal 500 2020
The EMEA Legal 500 2019 – Energía

Araoz & Rueda has ‘a strong global understanding’ combined with ‘a commercial approach to negotiations, going beyond the purely legal technical aspects’. The team has particular expertise in all aspects related to starting-up and operating renewable energy projects. ‘Exceptional’ practice head Francisco Solchaga is ‘good at channelling and coordinating the different areas of the law firm’, as well as ‘providing technical solutions, sensible and in line with business practices and the needs of the client’. The department is assisting Alten and Ortiz with the sale of six photovoltaic projects in Spain to Vela-Sonnedix, as well as advising African Renewable on its agreement with Solarig, for the development of a photovoltaic plant project in Cadiz.

The EMEA Legal 500 2019
The EMEA Legal 500 2018 – Energía

Araoz & Rueda has been highly active assisting clients with regulatory matters, refinancing and energy-related litigation. The practice assisted Renovis with the acquisition of two rooftop photovoltaic projects located in Badajoz. Francisco Solchaga is the key contact.

The EMEA Legal 500 2018
The EMEA Legal 500 2017 – Energía

Araoz & Rueda has particular expertise advising on the hydrocarbons and electricity sectors and has been active on privatisation and deregulation processes. Among other matters the team assisted Perwin with the € 15m acquisition of the Solluz photovoltaic project.

The EMEA Legal 500 2017
The EMEA Legal 500 2016, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

At Araoz & Rueda Francisco Solchaga has extensive experience acting for clients in the hydrocarbons, electricity and gas industries. Recent highlights include assisting Grupo T-Solar on the acquisition of a stake in a photovoltaic project from minority shareholders.

The EMEA Legal 500 2016
The EMEA Legal 500 2015, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

Araoz & Rueda advises sponsors on the development and financing of renewable energy projects and recently assisted China-based Huadian Fuxin Energy with the acquisition of a 40MW wind farm in Cuenca. Francisco Solchaga heads the team.

The EMEA Legal 500 2015
The EMEA Legal 500 2014, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

‘‘Versatility’ and ‘dedication’ are the hallmarks of Araoz & Rueda’s practice, which has transactional and financing expertise. Francisco Solchaga ‘personally handles his clients’ matters’ and has ‘excellent knowledge of the energy sector’.

The EMEA Legal 500 2014
The EMEA Legal 500 2013, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

‘Excellent in every way’, Araoz & Rueda is ‘always extremely quick to react’ and is ‘fully devoted to the client and the deals’. Francisco Solchaga is ‘remarkably business-oriented’, and has ‘deep knowledge and common sense’.

The EMEA Legal 500 2013
Chambers Europe Guide 2013, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

Francisco Solchaga specialises in energy transactions, with clients including energy group OPDE.

Chambers Europe Guide 2013
The EMEA Legal 500 2012, «Recommended firm» en Energía

Francisco Solchaga has expertise in hydrocarbons, gas and electricity, and is highly recommended in renewable energy projects.

The EMEA Legal 500 2012
The EMEA Legal 500 2010, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

Araoz & Rueda has niche expertise in renewable energy, particularly solar plants. Clients praise the team´s "response, support and commitment". The team is led by "outstanding partner" Francisco Solchaga.

The EMEA Legal 500 2010
Chambers Europe Guide 2010, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

This compact Madrid-based firm has a small but steady flow of project finance work. The practice focuses on the financing of solar power farms in Spain. Sources speak highly of practice head Francisco Solchaga, who, having focused on renewable energy deals for several years, has acquired excellent legal and technical knowledge of the sector.

Chambers Europe Guide 2010
PLC WHICH LAWYER? 2009, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

Despacho recomendado en el área de energías renovables. Francisco Solchaga es el socio que lidera la práctica.

Chambers Europe Guide 2009, «Recommended Firm» en Energía

Peers identify this firm as an active player in the projects market, concentrating predominantly on the energy industry and working on photovoltaic projects on the side of the sponsors. Partner Francisco Solchaga leads the practice.

Chambers Europe Guide 2009

El Tribunal Supremo rechaza indemnizar a las empresas fotovoltaicas por la reducción retributiva de 2010

Nota Informativa Energía - Marzo 2016

Descargar PDF

España gana el primer arbitraje internacional en materia de renovables

Nota Informativa Arbitraje & Energía - Febrero 2016

Descargar PDF

Principales cambios de la Reforma Fiscal que afectan al sector de renovables

Nota Informativa Fiscal & Energía - Octubre 2014

Descargar PDF

Novedades RDL 4 de 7 de Marzo

El sábado 8 de marzo se publicó el RDL 4/2014 de 7 de marzo por el que se adoptan medidas urgentes en materia de refinanciación y restructuración de deuda empresarial.

Nota informativa Financiero Nº 1 - Marzo 2014

Descargar PDF

Medidas financieras aplicables al sector eléctrico

El pasado 3 de febrero de 2014 fue anunciada la Propuesta de Orden Ministerial por la que se aprueban los parámetros retributivos de las instalaciones tipo aplicables a determinadas instalaciones de producción de energía eléctrica a partir de fuentes de energía renovables, cogeneración y residuos (la “Propuesta de Orden”) que viene a determinar, dentro del marco de la reforma del Sector Eléctrico, la retribución concreta que aplicará a dichas plantas con efectos a partir del 14 de julio de 2013.

Nota Informativa Energía - Febrero 2014

Descargar PDF

Consulta Vinculante V1602-13 de 14 de mayo

La siguiente Nota Informativa trata el contenido de la Consulta Vinculante V1602-13 de 14 mayo de 2013 emitida por la Dirección General de Tributos (“DGT”), en la que se aclaran los principales elementos que componen la base imponible del Impuesto sobre el Valor de la Producción de la Energía Eléctrica (“IVPEE”), tributo creado por la Ley 15/2012, de 27 de diciembre, de medidas fiscales para la sostenibilidad energética.

Nota Informativa Fiscal & Energía - Octubre 2013

Descargar PDF

Entrada en vigor Ley 3/2013

El pasado 5 de junio, fue publicada la Ley 3/2013, de 4 de junio, de creación de la Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia, cuya entrada en vigor tenía lugar al día siguiente de dicha publicación.

Nota Informativa Energía y Sectores Regulados - Junio 2013

Descargar PDF

Nuevo Impuesto sobre el Valor de la Producción de la Energía Eléctrica («IVPEE») y exenciones navarras

El día 1 de enero de 2013 entró en vigor la Ley 15/2012, de 27 de diciembre, de medidas fiscales para la sostenibilidad energética, que establece el nuevo Impuesto sobre el Valor de la Producción de la Energía Eléctrica (“IVPEE”).

Nota Informativa Energía - Febrero 2013

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«Qué figura jurídica es más habitual utilizar como titular de las infraestructuras compartidas para la evacuación de la energía?

Publicación: Capital & Corporate Magazine (Nº 58)
Autores: María Nieto
Fecha: Junio 2022

Descargar PDF

«El hidrógeno verde se hace camino: la regulación de las canalizaciones aisladas»

Publicación: El Periódico de la Energía
Autores: Luis Concejo
Fecha: Mayo 2022

Descargar PDF

«Últimas novedades derivadas de la nueva normativa con impacto en los contratos de compraventa de energías (PPAS)»

Publicación: Capital & Corporate Magazine Nº 57
Autores: Laura Vintanel
Fecha: Octubre 2021

Descargar PDF

«La segunda revolución renovable»

Publicación: Iberian Lawyer
Autores: Francisco Solchaga
Fecha: Mayo 2021

Descargar PDF

«New Spanish remuneration framework for renewable»

Publicación: Legal Business Magazine
Autores: Francisco Solchaga y Laura Vintanel
Fecha: Diciembre 2020

Descargar PDF

«Los pequeños productores de renovables frente al RDL 15/2018»

Publicación: Revista de Energía (El Economista)
Autores: Laura Vintanel
Fecha: Noviembre 2018

Descargar PDF

«Más trabas e inseguridad jurídica al autoconsumo eléctrico»

Publicación: El Español
Autores: Laura Vintanel
Fecha: Marzo 2018

Descargar PDF

«Squaring the Circle: Reconciling the conflicting awards in the Eiser and Isolux Spanish renewable cases (Part II)»

Publicación: Blog de Arbitraje - Kluwer
Autores: Clifford Hendel
Fecha: Julio 2017

Descargar PDF

«Squaring the Circle: Reconciling the conflicting awards in the Eiser and Isolux Spanish renewable cases (Part I)»

Publicación: Blog de Arbitraje - Kluwer
Autores: Clifford Hendel
Fecha: Julio 2017

Descargar PDF

«Las renovables vuelven a llamar a la puerta»

Publicación: Energy Magazine (El Economista newspaper)
Autores: Francisco Solchaga
Fecha: November 2016

Descargar PDF

«The Spanish renewable sector after the regulatory changes of 2013/2014»

Publicación: Global Legal Insights (GLI) - Energy 2017
Autores: Francisco Solchaga
Fecha: Octubre 2016

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Últimos eventos

Seminario sobre Perspectivas en el Arbitraje Internacional

Mayo 2022

Organiza: Union International des Avocats
Ponente: Ángel S. Freire

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Webinar sobre competencia y estado de alarma

24 de abril de 2020

Organiza: Asociación Española para la Defensa de la Competencia (AEDC)
Ponente: Ainhoa Veiga

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Jornada LegalTech

25 de febrero de 2020

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