Derecho Comunitario y de la Competencia

«Extremely knowledgeable and practical«

– Chambres Europe Guide 2020 –

«Transparent and realistic approach«

– Chambers Europe Guide 2019 –

Contamos con un equipo altamente especializado en derecho comunitario y de la competencia que actúa defendiendo los intereses de nuestros clientes ante las autoridades comunitarias y españolas de defensa de la competencia. En este sentido, representamos a nuestros clientes para obtener la debida autorización de las autoridades en materia de competencia en aquellas operaciones y contratos que lo precisen (notificaciones de operaciones de control de concentraciones, oposición a expedientes de concentración de empresa, procedimientos administrativos de defensa de la competencia, procedimientos de establecimiento y revisión de derecho antidumping, etc).

También intervenimos en la elaboración de programas (“compliance programs”) para las empresas destinados a verificar el cumplimiento por éstas de la normativa en vigor en materia de competencia.

Nuestro equipo de competencia trabaja en estrecha colaboración con especialistas de otras áreas del despacho para ofrecer a nuestros clientes un asesoramiento integral.



Chambers Europe Guide 2021 – Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga of Araoz & Rueda regularly advises clients on cartel investigations and merger control proceedings. She also assists with related compliance matters.

Chambers Europe Guide 2021
Chambers Europe Guide 2020 – Competencia/Antitrust

The "practical and knowledgeable" Ainhoa Veiga routinely assists with day-to-day competition mandates, as well as advising on merger control proceedings and distribution agreements. She represents clients in cartel and infringement investigations, in addition to appealing CNMC decisions.

Chambers Europe Guide 2020
Chambers Europe Guide 2019 – Competencia/Antitrust

Clients appreciate Ainhoa Veiga of Araoz & Rueda's "transparent and realistic" approach. She has considerable experience in dealing with distribution agreements, representing clients before the CNMC due to complaints and cartel cases. Veiga also advises on merger control procedures.

Chambers Europe Guide 2019
Chambers Europe Guide 2018 – Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga of Araoz & Rueda has experience in merger control, compliance and private enforcement matters. Her additional experience in unfair competition mandates was demonstrated in advice to Pompadour Ibérica on European competition and food law concerning the comparative advertising of food supplements. Sources say she is "very keen to achieve success for the client," with one client adding: "She is extremely knowledgeable and practical, and is able to adapt to the client's requests."

Chambers Europe Guide 2018
Chambers Europe Guide 2017 – Competencia/Antitrust

Araoz & Rueda’s Ainhoa Veiga “was effective when dealing with the competition authorities and was very good all round”. She commonly assists companies with merger proceedings, distribution contracts and CNMC investigations. She has recently been instructed by IBA Molecular to advise on public procurement proceedings in hospitals.

Chambers Europe Guide 2017
The EMEA Legal 500 2017 – Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga is the main contact at Araoz & Rueda, which is especially active on the transactional and merger-control side. The team recently advised Eni on antitrust issues related to its Union Fenosa Gas joint venture with Gas Natural Fenosa.

The EMEA Legal 500 2017
Chambers Europe Guide 2016, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga of Araoz & Rueda is the head of department and is well regarded in the market. Her practice includes advising on merger control and IP related matters. Market commentators describe her as "very good, straightforward and practical."

Chambers Europe Guide 2016
The EMEA Legal 500 2016, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

At Araoz & Rueda, practice head Ainhoa Veiga advised Eastman Chemical on the notification to the CNMC of the acquisition by its wholly owned subsidiary Taminco of Cepsa Química.

The EMEA Legal 500 2016
Chambers Europe Guide 2015, «Recommended Individual» en Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga heads Araoz & Rueda's competition practice and is highlighted for her proactivity and noted presence on the competition market.

Chambers Europe Guide 2015
The EMEA Legal 500 2015, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga heads Araoz & Rueda's "very competent team", which has "a practical approach" and "knowledge of the domestic authority".
Highlights included advising Apollo on merger control matters concerning its acquisition of Evo Banco.

The EMEA Legal 500 2015
Chambers Europe Guide 2014, «Recommended Individual» en Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga of Araoz & Rueda heads the firm's competition department. Clients highlight her efficiency and commitment.

Chambers Europe Guide 2014
The EMEA Legal 500 2014, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

At Araoz & Rueda Ainhoa Veiga heads the competition team and is recommended.

The EMEA Legal 500 2014
Chambers Europe Guide 2013, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga at Araoz & Rueda is "pragmatic and well rounded".

Chambers Europe Guide 2013
The EMEA Legal 500 2013, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Araoz & Rueda’s ‘excellent’ team advised waste management company Daorje on antitrust issues in the recycling market, and provided merger control advice to clients such as SK Capital Partners and Ferroatlántica. Practice head Ainhoa Veiga is ‘tough and energetic".

The EMEA Legal 500 2013
The EMEA Legal 500 2012, «Recommended firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Araoz & Rueda's team is "always available, with a high level of commitment". Practice head Ainhoa Veiga is "really intelligent; she captures the essence of the problem in a second and quickly provides solutions".

The EMEA Legal 500 2012
Chambers Europe Guide 2012, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Ainhoa Veiga at Araoz & Rueda receives praise for her "direct, clear and analytical style".

Chambers Europe Guide 2012
Chambers Europe Guide 2011, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

High-calibre team led by partner Ainhoa Veiga: "She receives widespread recognition as a competition specialist with experience in M&A and IP".

Chambers Europe Guide 2011
The EMEA Legal 500 2010, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

At Araoz & Rueda, Ainhoa Veiga´s team was praised for its "excellent service, prompt response time, in-depth subject knowledge and ability to explain issues in context".

The EMEA Legal 500 2010
Chambers Europe Guide 2010, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

"This Spanish boutique has a compact but strong competition team. The firm aims to deliver a tailored service and happy clients comment that "compared to the big multinational firms it seems to dedicate a lot more time to the clients." Leading the team, and at the forefront of each case, is partner Ainhoa Veiga, a skilled competition lawyer specialising also in IP.

Chambers Europe Guide 2010
The EMEA Legal 500 2009, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Araoz & Rueda boasts sound expertise in competition issues.

The EMEA Legal 500 2009
Chambers Global Guide 2009, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

"They provide a real personal treatment within a speedy and flexible framework".

Chambers Global Guide 2009
Chambers Europe Guide 2008, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Clients are delighted with Ainhoa Veiga at Araoz & Rueda, noting her "solid, well-constructed arguments" as well as her "diligent and flexible service".

Chambers Europe Guide 2008
Chambers Global Guide 2007, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

Interviewees describe department head Ainhoa Veiga as "a smart lawyer who really knows what she is doing".

Chambers Global Guide 2007
Chambers Global Guide 2006, «Recommended Firm» en Competencia/Antitrust

This widely admired corporate firm has a small but highly efficient competition practice that offers splendid transactional and litigation services. Ainhoa Veiga is seen as an energectic and rising star on the team.

Chambers Global Guide 2006

«Overview of class/collective actions and current trends»

Publicación: Country Q&A - Class/collective actions in Spain
Autores: Ainhoa Veiga
Fecha: Diciembre 2020

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«The exclusion of operators from public tendering due to infringements of competition law in Spain»

Publicación: Competition & Antitrust Law 2020 - Expert Guides
Autores: Pedro Láinez
Fecha: Abril 2020

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«Derecho de la competencia y propiedad industrial, comercial o intelectual»

Publicación: Tratado de Derecho de la Competencia. Unión Europea y España (Editorial Wolters Kluwer)
Autores: Ainhoa Veiga y Julio Costas
Fecha: Septiembre 2017

En caso de interés póngase en contacto con nuestro departamento de marketing.

«¿Qué pasa con Uber?»

Publicación: Expansió (tribuna de opinión)
Autores: Ainhoa Veiga
Fecha: Mayo 2017

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Iberian Lawyer Magazine, Febrero 2018 (Ainhoa Veiga)

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III Edición Summer Law School

Lugar: San Sebastián

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Webinar sobre competencia y estado de alarma

24 de abril de 2020

Organiza: Asociación Española para la Defensa de la Competencia (AEDC)
Ponente: Ainhoa Veiga

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Jornada LegalTech

25 de febrero de 2020

Organiza: Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB)
Ponente: Ainhoa Veiga

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63º Congreso – UIA Luxemburgo 2019

6 - 10 Noviembre, 2019 (Luxemburgo)

Organiza: Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)
Ponente: Ángel S. Freire (Presidente del Subcomité de Jóvenes Abogados de la UIA)

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