Bancario y Financiero / reestructuraciones

“Highly skilled negotiating with
the counterparty”

– Chambers Europe Guide 2021 –

“Superb knowledge and profile”
“Would recommend them any day of the week

– The EMEA Legal 500 2021 –

Nuestro Departamento Bancario y Financiero asesora a entidades financieras, proveedores de financiación alternativa (entre otros, fondos de private equity, hedge funds y otros fondos de deuda), así como a sociedades prestatarias.

Nuestro asesoramiento abarca todo tipo de operaciones bancarias y financieras, tanto en el ámbito nacional como internacional, y en particular, financiaciones corporativas, financiación de adquisiciones, financiaciones inmobiliarias y de otros activos,  diseño y estructuración legal de financiaciones sindicadas, reestructuraciones de deuda, project & structured finance, leasing, factoring, confirming, operaciones “fuera de balance”, garantías financieras y bancarias y operaciones sobre derivados.

Asimismo, como consecuencia de la crisis sanitaria generada por el COVID-19, asesoramos en la negociación de instrumentos de financiación suscritos por entidades financieras al amparo del Real Decreto-ley 8/2020, de 17 de marzo, de medidas urgentes extraordinarias para hacer frente al impacto económico y social del COVID-19 (o cualquier otra norma o resolución que lo desarrolle, modifique o sustituya) y garantizados mediante aval concedido por el Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO).



The EMEA Legal 500 2021 – Bancario & Financiero

The 'professional' and 'efficient’ team at Araoz & Rueda advises on a range of finance matters, includ-ing corporate, structured, acquisition, project and real estate. As well as providing regulatory expertise, the firm is strong in syndicated financing, debt restructur-ing, distressed debt issues and litigation in the area. ‘Standout’ partner Rafael Bazán leads the practice and has ‘provided top quality advice for years', particularly in the acquisition and sale of NPLs, REOs and asset portfolios. Testimonials: “Araoz & Rueda is knowledgeable, provides swift responses, is dedicated and proactive.” “Experience and technical knowledge in the operations that are entrusted to them. Also important is the availability and accessibility of team members.” “General knowledge, in addition to being a specialist in the banking business and its regulation.” “Rafael Bazán and Alejandro Fernández de Araoz have contributed both their experience and knowledge of the matters they had to deal with as well as high availability and a great capacity for adaptation and problem solving.” “Superb knowledge and profile.” “Most reliable. Would recommend Araoz & Rueda any day of the week.” “Most professional, friendly, efficient.” “Rafa Bazán is a stand out partner who has provided top quality advice for years.”

The EMEA Legal 500 2021
Chambers Europe Guide 2021 – Bancario & Financiero

Rafael Bazán earns considerable praise among interviewees for his experience on both the buy and sell sides of NPL transactions. He also advises on refinancing and financing transactions that often fall within the mid-market range. Clients highlight "his dedication and skill in negotiating with the counterparty." "He is extremely responsive and knowledgeable," notes another source.

Chambers Europe Guide 2021
The EMEA Legal 500 2020 – Bancario & Financiero

Araoz & Rueda advises on a range of finance matters, debt restructuring, leasing, and the acquisition and sale of distressed debt. The firm is also active in litigation against credit institutions, investment services compa-nies and collective investment schemes. Rafael Bazán leads the practice and has particular expertise in transactions involving the acquisition and sale of NPLs and asset portfolios, representing sellers and buyers in major NPL transactions. Testimonials: “Proximity and flexibility” “Very nice and easygoing people” “Availability with senior partners involved”

The EMEA Legal 500 2020
IFLR 1000 2020 – Bancario & Financiero

During the research period the firms’ work in banking included advice to borrowers and lenders on acquisition finance, loans and refinancing deals. “The firms’ strengths are availability and commitment”. Partner Rafael Bazán is highly recommended.

IFLR 1000 2020
Chambers Europe Guide 2020 – Bancario & Financiero

Rafael Bazán (Tier 2) of Araoz & Rueda is recognised for advising a range of high-profile banks on the sale and acquisition of portfolios, including distressed portfolios. He further assists clients with the financing of takeover bids.

Chambers Europe Guide 2020
The EMEA Legal 500 2019

Araoz & Rueda offers the 'direct engagement of senior lawyers', with Rafael Bazán the name to note for banking and finance. Notable instructions include advising renewable energy companies Alten and Grupo Ortiz on the refinancing of two photovoltaic projects, and assisting Norwegian debt management company Axactor with the acquisition of two NPL portfolios from Bankinter.

The EMEA Legal 500 2019
Chambers Europe Guide 2019

Rafael Bazán (Tier 2) of Araoz & Rueda draws praise for his "very business-oriented" approach in mandates which include debt refinancing operations, NPL deals and acquisition finance. He is adept at advising both borrowing and lending parties. Clients report: "He goes right to the bottom of the matter, he's always available and ready to help: it's a pleasure to work with him."

Chambers Europe Guide 2019
IFLR 1000 2019 – Bancario/Financiero

"Focused on closing deals while ensuring customer's interest as much as possible." "Araoz & Rueda provides high-quality service and delivers on time." "Rafael Bazán and Ainhoa Veiga are great professionals on whom you can trust without any doubt".

IFLR 1000 2019
Chambers Europe Guide 2018 – Bancario/Financiero

Clients highlight Rafael Bazán (Tier 2) for his "negotiation skills and excellent knowledge of Spanish regulations." Interviewees further note that in complex situations “he knows how to manage everyone's interests." A recent addition to the team at Araoz & Rueda, he has standout experience on the sell side of distressed loan portfolio transactions. He also assists with corporate finance, acquisition finance and asset finance transactions.

Chambers Europe Guide 2018
The EMEA Legal 500 2018 – Bancario/Financiero

Araoz & Rueda’s team was strengthened by the arrival of Rafael Bazán from Baker McKenzie. Highlights included assisting Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank with the Spanish aspects of Sidorme Hotels’ senior facility agreement in the sum of € 504m.

The EMEA Legal 500 2018
Chambers Europe Guide 2017 – Bancario/Financiero

Rafael Bazán of Araoz & Rueda has experience of high-profile loan portfolio transactions for key Spanish banking entities including the FROB, Catalunya Banc and Bankia. He also has broader expertise in refinancing, acquisition and asset finance. Clients say: "He is clearly business-oriented and client-focused," adding: "He is very precise and can advise on a wide scope of financial matters."

Chambers Europe Guide 2017
IFLR 1000 2017 – Bancario/Financiero

Araoz & Rueda is recommended in Banking & Finance. The firm advised a borrower in connection with a €200 million loan facility granted to a photo voltaic energy production plant to allow it to undergo refinancing procedures. The team also acted for wine producers in the financing of a new premises.

IFLR 1000 2017
The EMEA Legal 500 2017 – Bancario/Financiero

Araoz & Rueda acts for a variety of corporate and financial clients, including BNP Paribas and LM Group.

The EMEA Legal 500 2017
IFLR 1000 2016, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

In banking all of the details of Araoz & Rueda's work in the last year are confidential. One highlight was partner Guillermo Yuste’s advice to the borrower in respect of the negotiation of a loan from a syndicate of banks, to fund a large piece of commercial real estate in Madrid. Other transactions saw the team act on behalf of the borrower in relation to the €160 million refinancing of an energy project.

IFLR 1000 2016
The EMEA Legal 500 2016, “Recommended Individual” en Bancario & Financiero

Araoz & Rueda advised LM Group on refinancing issues, including a bond issuance and a revolving loan facility. Guillermo Yuste is the key name.

The EMEA Legal 500 2016
Chambers Global Guide 2016, “Recommended Individual” en Bancario & Financiero

Araoz & Rueda offers experience in debt restructuring and refinancing, real estate finance and asset finance. Advises a broad range of entities, such as financial institutions, investment funds and private capital ventures. Guillermo Yuste is noted for his experience in the banking and finance sector, where he focuses on corporate finance, structured finance, acquisitions and debt restructuring in domestic and international transactions.

Chambers Global Guide 2016
The EMEA Legal 500 2015, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Araoz & Rueda's "very good and accessible finance specialists" recently advised the borrower, Unitronics, and its majority shareholder, Baring Equity Partners, on the company's debt refinancing. Practice head Guillermo Yuste is "quick, efficient and professional".

The EMEA Legal 500 2015
Chambers Global Guide 2015, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Department head Guillermo Yuste is praised by clients as "proactive and really involved". He recently advised BNP Paribas on notes issued by Pescanova in the course of insolvency proceedings. Clifford Hendel attracts plaudits for his knowledge of the area as well as his astute advice. He has significant expertise in international finance transactions and is qualified in Spain, the USA and the UK.

Chambers Global Guide 2015
The EMEA Legal 500 2014, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

At Araoz & Rueda Guillermo Yuste "does an excellent job".

The EMEA Legal 500 2014
Chambers Global Guide 2014, “Recommended Firm” in Bancario and Financiero

Sources describe Clifford Hendel as "an excellent lawyer whom I thoroughly recommend". He advised BBAM on the lase of a Boeing 737 aircraft to Calima. Practice head Guillermo Yuste enters the rankings after earning warm client feedback: "Intellectually he is very good: he really looks at the details, explores all the issues and finds solutions that others wouldn't have."

Chambers Global Guide 2014
IFLR 1000 2014, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Guillermo Yuste receive strong recommendations from clients with top marks for legal expertise and speed of response.

IFLR 1000 2014
Chambers Global Guide 2013, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Clients admire Clifford Hendel's superb international understanding of the banking world. Thanks to his 25 years' experience working in Spain, France, the UK and the USA, he is praised as "a truly global lawyer".

Chambers Global Guide 2013
The EMEA Legal 500 2013, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Guillermo Yuste is the primary contact in this area and is recommended.

The EMEA Legal 500 2013
The EMEA Legal 500 2012, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Top-level service in a boutique fashion". Araoz & Rueda is "a very good challenger to the larger firms". Guillermo Yuste made partner in 2011, both he and Clifford Hendel "are very knowledgeable of the Spanish legal framework" and "willing to put in extra effort to close a transaction.

The EMEA Legal 500 2012
Chambers Global Guide 2012, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Expert Clifford Hendel brings his vast global expertise. He is a well-known adviser on international finance deals and joint-ventures.

Chambers Global Guide 2012
Chambers Global Guide 2011, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

"The team has a strong reputation in this area and has more recently been involved with restructurings".

Chambers Global Guide 2011
IFLR 1000 2010, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

The firm has established a good profile in financing. "Araoz & Rueda is active in the market. It is very strong in project financing and they have an acquisition financing practice advising the buyers in banking deals".

IFLR 1000 2010
The EMEA Legal 500 2010, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

The "outstanding" Araoz & Rueda is highly regarded for banking and project finance and restructuring work.

The EMEA Legal 500 2010
Chambers Europe Guide 2010, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

The firm´s compact size and flexible business model, with emphasis placed on partner-time and a generalist approach, have enabled the banking & finance department to successfully adapt and handle restructuring and project finance commissions. Sources say: "Exceptional technical knowledge coupled with a pragmatic focus on problems, as well as superb commercial relationships and client care". Clifford Hendel is recommended as a key individual.

Chambers Europe Guide 2010
The EMEA Legal 500 2009, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Generally regarded as “one of the best corporate boutiques in Spain”, Araoz & Rueda has also built up an impressive banking and finance track record.

The EMEA Legal 500 2009
Chambers Europe Guide 2009, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Sources agree that Araoz & Rueda’s banking and finance team is a name to watch, as it is increasing its presence in local and cross-border transactions, acting for companies as well as international law firms without representation in Spain. Clients applaud the group’s high levels of service and the steady involvement of the partners in transactions. As one commentator elaborates: “The lawyers are incredibly responsive and diligent and they always go the extra mile”.

Chambers Europe Guide 2009
IFLR 1000 2008, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Araoz & Rueda has always maintained a strong banking practice and it maintains an impressive client list.

IFLR 1000 2008
Chambers Europe Guide 2008, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Observers comment on the firm’s improved visibility on the Spanish finance scene, with an increasing presence in international financing transactions.

Chambers Europe Guide 2008
The EMEA Legal 500 2008, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

Araoz & Rueda remains solid in this sector.

The EMEA Legal 500 2008
IFLR 1000 2007, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

The firm enters the rankings on the back of the numerous recommendations of its peers and on the strength of the deals it has recently closed. This year it retains its place among the premier Spanish firm.

IFLR 1000 2007
The EMEA Legal 500 2005-2006, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

"…the firm´s finance practice continues to attract plaudits in the market”. "…Araoz & Rueda has a well-regarded finance practice”.

The EMEA Legal 500 2005-2006
The EMEA Legal 500 2004, “Recommended Firm” en Bancario y Financiero

The firm has a growing finance practice and is attracting world-class clients.

The EMEA Legal 500 2004

Medidas urgentes en materia concursal: Novedades RDL 11/2014

El sábado 6 de septiembre se publicó el Real Decreto-Ley 11/2014 de 5 de septiembre, por el que se adoptan medidas urgentes en materia concursal (en adelante el “RDL 11/2014”). Dicho RDL 11/2014 entró en vigor al día siguiente de su publicación en el BOE, no obstante aún está pendiente su convalidación por las Cortes.

Nota informativa de Financiero Nº 2 - Septiembre 2014

Descargar PDF

Novedades RDL 4 de 7 de Marzo

El sábado 8 de marzo se publicó el RDL 4/2014 de 7 de marzo por el que se adoptan medidas urgentes en materia de refinanciación y restructuración de deuda empresarial.

Nota informativa Financiero Nº 1 - Marzo 2014

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La nueva ola inmobiliaria: activos bancarios y sectores alternativos

Lugar: Madrid

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“La nueva ley reguladora de los contratos de crédito inmobiliario. Principales novedades e implicaciones prácticas en la venta de carteras inmobiliarias”

Publicación: Anuario Actualidad Mercantil 2020 (Tirant LoBlanch)
Autores: Eduardo Cámara
Fecha: Julio 2020

En caso de interés póngase en contacto con nuestro departamento de marketing.

“Coexistencia de las medidas acordadas en el ámbito concursal derivadas de la crisis sanitaria del COVID-19 con el Texto Refundido de la Ley Concursal”

Publicación: Iberian Lawyer
Autores: Javier Sánchez
Fecha: Junio 2020

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«Q&A: providing an overview to lending and secured finance laws and regulations in Spain»

Publicación: Country Comparative Guide 2020 - The Legal 500
Autores: Rafael Bazán
Fecha: Mayo 2020

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“El impacto de la Ley de Crédito Inmobiliario en la compraventa de créditos fallidos”

Publicación: Iberian Lawyer
Autores: Eduardo Cámara
Fecha: Febrero 2020

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“Impacta verdaderamente el nuevo régimen de vencimiento anticipado en las operaciones de compraventa de NPLs?”

Publicación: Capital & Corporate Magazine Nº 50
Autores: Eduardo Cámara
Fecha: Diciembre 2019

Descargar PDF

“Q&A: providing an overview to lending and secured finance laws and regulations in Spain”

Publicación: Country Comparative Guide 2019 - The Legal 500
Autores: Rafael Bazán
Fecha: Mayo 2019

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“Servicios de pago: adaptarse o morir”

Publicación: Cinco Días
Autores: Javier Sánchez
Fecha: Junio 2018

Descargar PDF

Impacto del nuevo régimen de vencimiento anticipado en las operaciones de compraventa de NPLs

Rafael Bazán, nuevo socio del departamento Bancario & Financiero

Resumen del desayuno: "La nueva ola inmobiliaria: activos bancarios y sectores alternativos"

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Webinar sobre competencia y estado de alarma

24 de abril de 2020

Organiza: Asociación Española para la Defensa de la Competencia (AEDC)
Ponente: Ainhoa Veiga

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Jornada LegalTech

25 de febrero de 2020

Organiza: Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB)
Ponente: Ainhoa Veiga

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63º Congreso – UIA Luxemburgo 2019

6 - 10 Noviembre, 2019 (Luxemburgo)

Organiza: Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA)
Ponente: Ángel S. Freire (Presidente del Subcomité de Jóvenes Abogados de la UIA)

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