“Commitment and in-depth study of cases make them one of the most recommendable in Spain

– The Legal 500 –

En nuestro despacho procesal, actuamos en defensa de los intereses de nuestros clientes prestando asesoramiento en fase pre-contenciosa, analizando la conveniencia de iniciar procedimientos judiciales y preparando la estrategia procesal a seguir en caso de resultar necesario el ejercicio de acciones judiciales.

Asimismo, actuamos como dirección letrada, tanto como parte actora como parte demandada, en todo tipo de procedimientos judiciales civiles y mercantiles en materia societaria y contratos mercantiles, representando a nuestros clientes ante todas las jurisdicciones e instancias competentes: Tribunal Constitucional, Tribunal Supremo, Tribunales Superiores de Justicia, Audiencias Provinciales y Juzgados.

De igual forma, asesoramos a nuestros clientes en materia de evitación y/o solución de conflictos, asistiendo en las posibles negociaciones que puedan resultar necesarias, así como en la adopción de acuerdos transaccionales.




Araoz & Rueda has recently been involved in several telecoms, transport and energy-related disputes, as well as an ICSID claim against the Argentine Republic. Eduardo de León is the key litigation contact, while Clifford Hendel handles the arbitration side.

The EMEA Legal 500 2017 - Procesal/Arbitraje
chambers partners

Established Madrid firm assisting clients with administrative proceedings, including claims linked to environmental and planning matter. Also active in commercial cases involving M&A and telecommunications law. As well as litigation, the department includes practitioners who have an extensive track record in key international arbitration courts. “The team approaches every matter as if were the only one they had”. “The lawyers know perfectly how to focus each situation and what the best solution for each case is”. Clifford Hendel is described by market commentators as “a tremendous lawyer with really good expertise in corporate matters”. His practice involves both sitting as arbitrator and representing clients in arbitration proceedings. He also advises companies on the enforcement of awards. Sources really appreciated Alejandro Fernández de Araoz’s “strategic vision, absolute loyalty to the client and maximum involvement in the matters”. He is highlighted for his particular expertise in commercial and transactional matters.

Chambers Europe Guide 2017 - Procesal/Arbitraje

Mid-size local firm Araoz & Rueda’s dispute resolution practice is led by Eduardo de León. It recently acted for a French company in the technology sector in a claim against the Spanish Air Force in relation to an administrative contract. BNP Suisse, ENI, Unitronics Comunicaciones and Molypharma are also notable clients.

The EMEA Legal 500 2016 - Procesal/Arbitraje
chambers partners

Spain, Dispute Resolution: Most in demand arbitrator. Band 2. Key individuals have extensive track records as counsel and arbitrators in the most important international arbitration courts. Clifford Hendel of Araoz & Rueda receives particular praise for his US law experience and for his regular appointment as arbitrator in ICC, CAS, LCIA and CAM arbitrations. Strengths (quotes from clients) “One advantage is that you work very closely with the partners; in most big firms it is not so easy to work with the partner but in the case of Araoz & Rueda, you can work directly with the senior lawyer”. Alejandro Fernández de Araoz of Araoz & Rueda has a tremendously broad practice that encompasses contentious and non-contentious commercial issues. Clients describe him as a "tough negotiator," adding: "He is very intelligent and knows how my business works very well."

Chambers Europe Guide 2016 - Procesal/Arbitraje
chambers partners

Spain, Dispute Resolution: Most in demand arbitrator. Band 2 Clifford Hendel of Araoz & Rueda has extensive international arbitration experience, particularly involving France. France, Dispute Resolution: Foreign expert based in Spain. Madrid-based Clifford Hendel of Araoz & Rueda is qualified to practice in the UK, France, Spain and the USA. He is a seasoned dispute resolution lawyer, with significant experience in both domestic and international arbitration as well as litigation. Spain, Dispute Resolution. Band 4 Alejandro Fernández de Araoz of Araoz & Rueda has a wide-ranging practice encompassing capital markets, M&A, litigation and arbitration. He is regarded by sources as an accomplished practitioner in this field.

Chambers Global Guide 2015 - Procesal/Arbitraje

Araoz & Rueda's Alejandro Fernández de Araoz and Clifford Hendel represented ENI en judicial and arbitral proceedings against Unión Fenosa Gas over corporate governance issues. Eduardo de León heads the team.

The EMEA Legal 500 2015 - Procesal/Arbitraje

At Araoz & Rueda Alejandro Fernández de Araoz and Eduardo de León are recommended for litigation, and Clifford Hendel is well known for his international arbitration capabilities.

The EMEA Legal 500 2014 - Procesal/Arbitraje
chambers partners

Sources identify Clifford Hendel as a key arbitrator. He works on domestic and international ad hoc and institutional disputes. He is qualified in France and regularly handles France-related matters. Clients say Alejandro Fernández de Araoz is "an expert in litigation; he has a lot of experience and much prestige in this area".

Chambers Global Guide 2014 - Procesal/Arbitraje

Araoz & Rueda is ‘doing very well at the moment’.The group includes Alejandro Fernández de Araoz and arbitrator Clifford Hendel.

The EMEA Legal 500 2013 - Procesal/Arbitraje
chambers partners

Sources praise Clifford Hendel's strong international background. He is admitted to the Bar in Madrid, Paris, New York and England and Wales, and has acted as arbitrator in all the major international institutions, including the ICC, the LCIA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Alejandro Fernández de Araoz as “an all-rounder who brings useful corporate knowledge to his work.” He recently advised a leading financial institution on banking litigation against BBVA and Cartera Meridional regarding the scope and application of an on-demand guarantee.

Chambers Global Guide 2013 - Procesal/Arbitraje
chambers partners

According to clients "Alejandro Fernández de Araoz is very able and also enjoys his job. He understands matters in depth and is discreet and incisive". Litigation, insolvency and arbitration specialist Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre is "an excellent negotiator who is creative and realistic", say clients. Clifford Hendel figura en las listas de "Most in demand arbitrators", "Foreign experts" y "Experts based abroad". He is renowed as an outstanding arbitrator with international credentials.

Chambers Global Guide 2012 - Procesal/Arbitraje

"Araoz & Rueda's performance is outstanding and is definitely worth the money". Key contact Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre is "a very sound litigator" who "provides top-notch advice" and has a "well-deserved reputation for his skills in court". Alejandro Fernández de Araoz is also "an excellent lawyer". Arbitrator Clifford Hendel is "very strong technically".

The EMEA Legal 500 2012 - Procesal/Arbitraje
chambers partners

Clifford Hendel has been included for third year in the list of "Most in demand arbitrators". Clifford Hendel is an all-rounder with "tremendous international law knowledge". Alejandro Fernández de Araoz andÍñigo Rodríguez-Sastre are also recommended.

Chambers Europe Guide 2011 - Procesal/Arbitraje
chambers partners

This mid-sized firm has a strong dispute resolution practice. Alejandro Fernández de Araoz combines his litigation skills with his great cross-practice knowledge, and is lauded by clients for his "talent at resolving complex problems and in-depth knowledge of a number of areas of law". Clifford Hendel is well known for his domestic and international arbitration practice, and he usually acts as both counsel and arbitrator at a number of domestic and international courts.

Chambers Global Guide 2010 - Procesal/Arbitraje

Clients say that the firm's "commitment and in-depth study of cases make them one of the most recommendable in Spain". Dispute practice is headed by Clifford Hendel and the "client-oriented" Alejandro Fernández de Araoz, who is "not only a natural team leader but also a skillful and capable litigator - the value he adds is truly remarkable".

The EMEA Legal 500 2010 - Procesal/Arbitraje

Clifford Hendel and Alejandro Fernández de Araoz are corporate Araoz & Rueda’s best-known litigators, collecting high praise for their strong experience in both international and domestic disputes.

The EMEA Legal 500 2009 - Procesal/ Arbitraje
chambers partners

Alejandro Fernández de Araoz at Araoz & Rueda. Clients hail “his through preparation and impeccable manner when speaking in court.” Clifford Hendel figura en la lista de “Most in demand arbitrators”. Clifford Hendel: he is North American and thus a frequent choice as arbitrator in hearing featuring a Spanish party and requiring a non-Spaniard referee.

Chambers Europe Guide 2009 - Procesal/Arbitraje

At Araoz & Rueda, Alejandro Fernández de Araoz has built impressive expertise as a corporate litigator.

The EMEA Legal 500 2008 - Procesal/ Arbitraje
chambers partners

Araoz & Rueda successfully represents clients in court. “Fernández de Araoz is a determined lawyer who never gives up”, remarked clients; “he gets deeply involved in every matter and is always willing to answer questions.” “A distinguished international Spanish arbitrator”.

Chambers Europe Guide 2008 - Procesal/ Arbitraje

Araoz & Rueda has been expanding its dispute resolution practice in recent years winning a very good reputation. Alejandro Fernández de Araoz and Clifford Hendelboasts extensive expertise in both international and domestic disputes.

The EMEA Legal 500 2007 - Procesal/ Arbitraje

Clifford Hendel and Alejandro Fernández de Araoz are the firm’s best-known litigators.

The EMEA Legal 500 2006 - Procesal/ Arbitraje

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La nueva ola inmobiliaria: activos bancarios y sectores alternativos

5 Julio, 2017

Organiza: Araoz & Rueda
Ponente: Jesús Conde y Rafael Bazán

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Spanish National Rounds – JESSUP Competition 58th Edition – 2017

15-17 Febrero, 2017

Organiza: International Law Students Association (ILSA) y Cuatrecasas
Ponente: Clifford Hendel

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International Arbitration Congress

10-11 Noviembre, 2016

Organiza: Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona, en colaboración con ICAB Internacional
Ponente: Clifford Hendel

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